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Welcome to Youngstown State University

Welcome to the Online Executive Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Paralegal Studies offered by Youngstown State University, in conjunction with the Dalton Institute of Legal Studies.

Our mission in this program is to help you achieve your personal and professional development goals.  We believe that through education you can transform your career and be a better professional.  We also believe in providing you with an innovative online paralegal certificate program that develops practical legal skills employers require of their paralegals, providing you with the tools to differentiate yourself when interviewing for a position and helping you to find paralegal opportunities nationwide.


Why This is the Best Program in the Country:

  • Two Certificates:  This program is designed to give you a solid educational foundation and essential professional skills necessary to be successful as a paralegal professional.  The Executive Certificate establishes your educational foundation, and the Advanced Certificate develops your practical skill set.  You can begin working in the field once you earn the first certificate, and your paralegal preparation will be complete once you earn the second.
  • Flexibility:  You have the flexibility to work at times that are convenient to you. You choose the time and the place to complete the program—days, nights, or weekends.  
  • Practical Application: By earning your paralegal education, you will develop practical skills that allow you to immediately contribute to the success of a law firm and achieve the skills employers are looking for in new paralegals, including sought-after e-discovery training.
  • Practicum Portfolio:  As a graduate of this online paralegal education program, you will have a “Practicum Portfolio” of motions, papers, and real world legal documents which you will prepare or file to help differentiate yourself during the interviewing process.  


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Students receive access to the Executive Certificate in Paralegal Studies program or the Advanced Certificate in Paralegal Studies for 4 months. Access is extended for 3 months, at no additional cost.

Upon enrolling, students receive the following:

  • Interactive, online content that is easy to manage and work through.
  • One-on-one coaching with a mentor to assist students through the program and answer questions regarding the material.
  • Program syllabus outlining step-by-step instructions to complete each program in 4 months or less.

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*  Please be advised that this is not a Youngstown State University website, but is a website developed and hosted by the Dalton Institute of Legal Studies, with permission from Youngstown State University.